The large Synergy Formwork family is actively involved with various organizations to support causes that are close to our hearts. Our employees and partners give generously by attending sporting events, conferences, and various other activities. The members of Synergy Formwork try to make a difference in their own way by getting involved in the field. Our support mainly goes to causes relating to physical and mental health as well as youth—such as the “Toucher le Sommet” challenge. With the Thérèse-de-Blainville Carrefour Jeunesse-Emploi, this activity aims to support young people aged 12 to 24 experiencing various difficulties who are at higher risk of dropping out of school, by persevering with them in a process with the ultimate goal being to climb a mountain.

Synergy Formwork believes that the involvement of its employees has a strong impact on the lives of young adults that these organizations are trying to help. The Synergy team creates important connections with these young people by interacting with them on the field and talking to them. Our team members involvement always goes above and beyond because they deeply believe in this mission and put their hearts into the success of these activities.


The “Toucher le sommet” challenge : for a fifth year in a row Synergy Formwork will be present as a teambuilding team!



The Synergy Formwork motives are based on our values. Social involvement is important for our members as it helps to change things, improve our society, and contribute to our collective well-being. We believe that youth is the future and that together we can make a difference. The Synergy family wishes to promote mutual help and teamwork in our communities.

Because evolving together is part of our DNA!

As part of our work, our professionals plan the execution steps of our projects to lead us to success. The same goes for the social involvement of the company. When our members decide to support a project, they give their 100%! Their dedicated involvement is a reflection of their exemplary work at Synergy Formwork. Our members wish to share their experience to motivate young people in our region facing various difficulties.

a Company with a

Our corporate culture is based on human values. We achieve our goals as a team and that is the strength of our company. Synergy Formwork believes that the key to success lies in the desire to give the best of oneself which ensures a continuously higher level of efficiency. Our members are professionals in the field who possess the same values and objectives that make up our DNA. The Synergy Formwork family continues to convey a positive message to community organizations by participating in several events of all kinds to help them carry out their projects.

Our employees are people who care and who give their time generously to the benefit of causes mainly related to youth. Synergy Formwork also raises funds annually for the benefit of the Cancer Research Society, the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada, etc. Our company is largely socially involved and can also count on the support of a large network of partners and generous contributors.

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Values at the Heart
of our SYNERGY

Synergy Formwork is well-known for its interest in the human being within the company. As a result, we have worked to develop an organizational structure that contributes to the well-being of employees in the workplace. We know that together, we can accomplish great things, which is why the sense of belonging of our members is a priority at Synergy Formwork. The involvement of the large Synergy family in the community corresponds to the values ​​conveyed by our company.

Our Corporate Values—Synergy DNA
  • Health & Safety
  • Quality
  • Partnership
  • Team Spirit
  • Efficiency

Our team shows great dedication to contributing actively to the good of our community. We are fortunate to count on the skills of passionate people who advocate mutual support and teamwork at Synergy Formwork, but also when it comes to different causes and organizations. It is by working together that we can achieve all our professional goals. Our members have understood that our strength lies in our Synergy—because together, we can reach the highest peaks!